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Breast Massager


  • BREAST MASSAGE :The electric chest massager use hot comprass to accelerate breast body circulation, promote breast development,shaping beautiful chest.This chest massager is designed to strengthen your breasts,improve mammary glands secretion to enlarge the breast
  • MULTI-LEVEL ADJUSTMENT:The chest enhancer bulit in 10 modes of work and 6 levels of intensity, is perfect coverage of many important parts of the breast, strong massage force, excellent breast enhancement effect,effective fitness massage, promote body circulation, increase collagen's secretion, promote skin firmer, place the chest sagging
  • HEATING DESIGN:The electric breast massage use warming design, especially during the menstrual period to care for the breast, improve female hormones, promote breast growth, breast massage to restore breast elasticity, especially for breast sagging after childbirth, recovery prolapse and deformation
  • ACCELERATE BODY CIRCULATION:The heating chest massager enlargement use hot compress, accelerate body circulation, promote breast fat growth, improve breast elasticity, and make breasts full and full,to largen the chest effectively without having to perform surgery
  • CONVENIENT TO USE:The breast enhancer is ultra thin and lightweight, this massager supplies you anywhere use. It offer more possibilities for daily life and work, such as daily entertainment or running fitness, shopping out, shopping at home, going to work, going out, traveling, etc., can be easily used.USB rechargeable, more energy-saving and environmental protection




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