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Vacuum Blackhead Remover



  • 【2021 Improved Design】 Latest heating technology supports. Press the key twice in succession to turn on the heating mode. The heat dissipation module on the back of the blackhead removing device can be quickly heated to 38 ° -45 °, three temperature options, open the pores on the face and nose, and soften blackheads and acne. Deeply cleansing pores, Make your face clean and smooth. It's time to bring a wonderful experience to your skin.
  • 【6 Suction Probs】The large round hole beauty head is suitable for large areas of blackheads on the face and T-shaped parts. The oval-shaped beauty head is suitable for lifting the face and delicate skin. The microcrystalline tip is gently removed dirt from the rough epidermis. Ball beauty tip is massage skin, help skincare products absorb small round hole cosmetic head is suitable for vulnerable and sensitive parts.(Including 2)
  • 【3 Levels of Strong Suction 】 Press the on-off key, Level 1 a slight suction of about 52KPA, suitable for thin cuticle skin. Level 2 medium suction is about 57KPA, suitable for skin without obvious blackheads. Level 3 strong suction is about 63KPA, suitable for skin severe and stubborn blackheads.
  • 【Long Standby and Suction Level Display】Never worry about how to change the battery, blackhead cleaning tools have a built-in rechargeable battery and USB port. With display, you can easily read the levels of the suction and change it in a timely.
  • 【Safety and Hygiene】 Made of eco-friendly material ABS,3 Adjustable suction Level, suitable for all kinds of skin without damaging hair follicles. The suction cups are removable and easy to clean. We recommend using it no more than 5 minutes each time, twice a week. Please move the device in the same direction and keep it for no more than 3 seconds in the same place.




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