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Do You Dropship?

Savoy Active and the premier dropshipping platform Modalyst (modalyst.co) have teamed up to offer you an innovative new service - private label dropshipping!

This new program gives you the opportunity to sell activewear with your store's personal brand. Here's how it works:

  • Join Modalyst
  • Sign up for our Private Label Dropshipping Program - there is a link on Modalyst once you register
  • Source any Savoy Active product that you want
  • Any order will be sent to your customer with your store's logo and hangtag - the brand Savoy Active will not be mentioned on the product, yet you get the same amazing quality products with your store's brand

Modalyst streamlines your dropshipping process by keeping your products synced with real-time product updates and automating the ordering process. 

Through Modalyst, all products which are in your store will be synced to have the most updated product info, including stock levels and wholesale pricing. You can control your margins and mark-up products however you wish. All orders will be sent directly to your customers.

This program is an exclusive program, only supported by Modalyst. You must register on Modalyst to get started. This will ensure that your items are connected to real-time information for your favorite new brand - Savoy Active. All products are available at our lowest wholesale price and can be added to your store with the click of a button!

Ready to get started?! Sign up today and join our exclusive private label dropshipping program. 



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