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HAKU Cold Smoked Shoyu Soy Sauce (375 ml) - Authentic Japanese Artisan - Fulfillment Center


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HAKU Cold Smoked Shoyu Soy Sauce (375 ml) - Authentic Japanese Artisanal Umami Seasoning Sauce with Unique Smoky Flavor - Traditional Gourmet Dip Sauce & Marinade for Sushi, Meat & Asian Cuisines


SKU: 748252707512

Flavor Smoked
Brand HAKU
Package Information Bottle
Item Weight 0.79 Ounces
Allergen Information Soy, Wheat

  • Make your delicacies taste divine with authentic shoyu sauce! This smoked soy sauce is what you need to add an earthy dimension to your Asian dishes and other recipes! Like the finesse of wine, this seasoning sauce is traditionally brewed and aged to reach perfection in flavor and aroma!
  • What is in our classic gourmet sauce? Prepared with the ancestral Mushiro Koji process, our Japanese soy sauce is made of Water, Soybeans, Salt, Alcohol & Natural Wood Smoke. The dark brown rich consistency of our Japanese seasoning makes all dishes look irresistibly appetizing!
  • Unique smoky, bold flavor: After aging and fermentation, we add a lively smoky essence to our sushi sauce by using Mizunara hardwood, a type of Japanese Oak. Our dark soy sauce is a perfect way to add that grilled, slow cooked aroma and complexity to your recipes without the grill!
  • Satisfy the chef and foodie within you! Our artisanal soy sauce uncaps the umami taste to garnish your dishes with a fulfilling savory that chefs spend hours to achieve! Drizzle this umami seasoning on salmon sashimi and sushi, use it as a dip sauce for dumplings and even as marinade.
  • Bring home the traditional flavor of Japan! Our smoked shoyu is made in Kyoto by master artisans using a legendary 250-year old labor intensive fermentation process and cold smoking unique to the HAKU family. This imported aged soy sauce brings an authentic Asian essence to your tables.




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