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La Rustichella - Black Truffle Olive Oil Large - (750ml, 25.36 fl oz) - Fulfillment Center

La Rustichella - Black Truffle Olive Oil Large - (750ml, 25.36 fl oz) - Vegan, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free


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Logo Rustichella


We are an enterprising company that aims to represent the excellence and quality of Made in Italy in the world. Our goal is to bring authentic flavors to every country, fruit of fragrant and luxuriant Italian lands.

  • 100% quality on all our products, with Made in Italy production ;
  • We have been present for over 30 years all over the world, from America to Asia.

La Rustichella
100 % Made in Italy

From the procurement of raw materials, collected in the wonderful Umbrian lands, to the processing and packaging of the product, the entire La Rustichella process is proudly 100% Made in Italy

Export Manager USA

In response to an ever-growing question, "La Rustichella Truffles USA" was born in the United States of America. Led by Francesca Brugnoli, it is organized in such a way as to respond quickly and satisfactorily to every single request.

Conquering Asia

The Asian market is growing. Every year we meet our chefs, we participate in the most important fairs, we study new menus where the jewel of each dish is undoubtedly our truffle

Conservation of our products

  • Our products are mostly preserved in oil
  • All products have a shell-life ranging from a minimum of 18 months to a maximum of 36
  • Keep refrigerated after opening

Black Truffle Patè

La Rustichella - Black Truffle Pate

La Rustichella Black Truffle Paté, sublime element of the Must Have product line. The black truffle Paté makes your table unique. It is a perfect marriage between the best characteristics of black truffles, porcini mushrooms and champignons as well. If you love strong and intense flavours you must not miss it. Black Truffle Paté always reveals recipes full of character and each time brings out special aromas. It perfectly pairs with first courses and red meat. Excellent to have an aperitif adding taste and colour to finger food, tapas and street food. It is ready to use and can be easily added to your recipes.

Black Truffle Patè

Black Truffle Pate

Black Sliced Truffle

Black Sliced Truffle

White Truffle Patè

White Truffle Pate

Black Truffle Olive Oil

Black Truffle Olive Oil

Authentic and aromatic, the Black Truffle Oil includes prestigious hints of black summer truffle, porcini mushroom and champignon mushroom.

A superfine excellence to make special croutons, bruschetta, savory pies, pasta also stuffed, red meats, game and roasted and boiled fish.




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