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Large 10L Boost Oxygen Natural Portable Pure Canned Oxygen, Pink Grape - Fulfillment Center

Large 10L Boost Oxygen Natural Portable Pure Canned Oxygen, Pink Grapefruit (1 Pack), Model 704


SKU: 637866288534


Whether you're an athlete, a traveler, or just feeling like your O content is a little low, the Boost Oxygen 10-Liter Canned Oxygen Canister will help you feel refreshed and replenish your body's good bud: oxygen. This personal-size bottle of oxygen will soon be your right-hand man. Sitting at 10 liters in size, you're about to have over 200 1-second inhalations of oxygen at your fingertips and your lips. This unflavored, odorless, 95-percent pure Aviator's Natural Breathing oxygen is safe to use. Introduce more oxygen to your life with the Boost Oxygen 10-Liter Canned Oxygen Canister, It'll feel like a breath of fresh air, because it is.

  • Large 10-liter bottle of natural oxygen to help you breathe and feel better
  • Size: 10 liters (large)
  • Flavor: Pink grapefruit
  • Great for traveling to areas of high altitude, for athletes, for older folks, and more
  • Compact size makes it a great option to take on the go
  • All natural, 95-percent pure Aviator's Breathing Oxygen is pink grapefruit flavored and safe to use
  • Increase your oxygen intake to combat jet lag, low O in the air, and other condition
  • Color: Pink
  • Provides users with up to 200 1-second inhalations
  • Quantity: 1
  • Boost Oxygen Model 704-BOOST




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