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Nioxin SYSTEM 5 - Shampoo - For Chemically Treated and Weakened Hair - - Fulfillment Center

Nioxin SYSTEM 5 - Shampoo - For Chemically Treated and Weakened Hair - Step 1 300 ml


SKU: 8005610493633

SYSTEM 5 CLEANSER SHAMPOO by NIOXIN. The NIOXIN range of products is designed to strengthen, nourish and repair fine hair from the roots. Inspired by skin care to treat fine hair, it treats the 3 symptoms of thinning hair: derma, density, and diameter. Backed by more than 30 years of research, NIOXIN is the most recognized brand for thinning hair in the US. It is supported by the Institute of Trichologists, the main professional association for the study of hair in the world. Nioxin System #5 helps remove oil, fatty acids, and environmental debris that clog the scalp's follicles. It also increases the texture of the hair, restoring hydration and protecting the color. Thickening hair treatment, reduces hair loss due to breakage and strengthens it, refreshes the scalp and adds shine. The Nioxin 5 system makes your hair appear fuller and helps to hydrate dry hair. Recommended for hair treated with chemicals. Benefits: Complete professional treatment to densify hair treated with chemicals and partially weakened. For more abundant and hydrated hair. Helps remove grease, fatty acids and environmental residues. Helps balance hydration and frizz levels. Increases the density of each strand.
Nioxin SISTEMA 5 - Champú - Para Cabello Tratado Químicamente y Debilitado - Paso 1 300 ml




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