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Sesderma C-VIT 5 Vitamins Serum 30ml - 1.0 fl. oz


SKU: 8429979462169

Sesderma C-Vit 5 Vitamins Serum comes with 5 types of vitamin C. This serum provides extra radiance to your skin and helps to stop the signs of aging. In addition, its anti-aging active ingredients, such as Asian Cantela , hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans, together with the immediate tensor complex, provide much more elastic and flexible skin with an immediate and long-term effect. Awakens the full potential of the skin and rediscovers its luminosity. Photoaged and sallow skin, traces of fatigue and tiredness, expression lines... C-VIT 5 vitamins reveals a more uniform, hydrated and luminous skin. Thanks to its ultra-vitamin formula, which includes 5 types of vitamin C and anti-aging active ingredients, it helps to BREAK the cycle of dullness, contributes to STOP oxidative damage and the appearance of wrinkles, and helps to IMPROVE skin hydration. FOR WHOM? For all skin types. The perfect ally in luminosity protocol
  • It has a longer effect than conventional vitamin C 

  • Provides luminosity and shine to the skin 

  • Accelerates collagen synthesis increasing elasticity and firmness to the skin 

  • Reduces cellular oxidative damage 

  • Hydrates in depth 

  • Helps reduce spots caused by the sun 

  • Outstanding anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect 
  • Improves the volume of the dermis producing a "filler effect" that smoothes the deepest wrinkles




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