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Sutter Buttes Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Fresh Basil Infused (250 ml bot - Fulfillment Center

Sutter Buttes Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Fresh Basil Infused (250 ml bottle) Handcrafted, Artisan Gourmet EVOO Cold Pressed and Flavored with Premium Fresh Basil Herbs, Unfiltered, Unrefined Olive Oil


SKU: 851292007259

Brand Sutter Buttes
Flavor Basil
Special Feature Cold Pressed,Infused,Unrefined
Liquid Volume 250 Milliliters
Item Package Quantity 1

  • Sutter Buttes Fresh Basil Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250 ml bottle. High-quality, authentic, cold pressed olive oil flavored with aromatic, fresh basil herbs for a premium gourmet EVOO blend.
  • Flavor/Source – Our natural and unrefined specialty olive oils are harvested from fresh fruits and herbs grown within a 30-mile radius of Sutter Buttes, California, a Sacramento Valley popular for its abundant orchards. The source of the fruits directly influences the oil’s flavor, which is why we selected this particular location for our orchards. Our production process includes cold pressing the olives to create a light, fruity and smooth olive oil with a distinct basil aroma and flavor.
  • Process – At Sutter Buttes Olive Oil Co. we maintain high quality standards by selecting only the finest and freshest truly natural ingredients. We follow strict standards of extraction and are scrupulous about our low values of oleic acid. Each fruit is handpicked, and every batch handcrafted within hours of harvest to create the most fresh and best tasting artisan olive oil. Pure, first press olive oil is produced and infused with fresh basil leaves for a delicate and refreshing flavor.
  • Features – This award-winning fresh basil infused flavoring oil has been selected as one of the best rated olive oils in the 2015 Napa Valley and Yolo County Olive Oil Competitions. Combine its invigorating fresh basil aroma with the abundant health benefits it offers for a nutritional and palatable condiment bursting with delightful natural flavor.
  • Suitable For/Uses - This seasoned EVOO can be used in Italian-style cooking recipes, pesto sauces and caprese salads. Add to tomatoes and goat cheese prior to roasting, or to meats, chicken and egg dishes. Perfect to use as a spray for frying vegetables or to drizzle onto your favorite pasta dishes. Pair with some balsamic vinegar for a tasty salad dressing, marinade, or bread dipping sauce. Give a bottle as a gift to a host or hostess who appreciates real natural and pure cooking ingredients.




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