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Tsuki Pork Shank Professional Ramen Base (500 ml) - Authentic Japanese - Fulfillment Center

Tsuki Pork Shank Professional Ramen Base (500 ml) - Authentic Japanese Ramen Base for Instant Noodles, Soup & Broth - Gourmet Umami Seasoning with Pork Extracts, Soy Sauce & Spices for Asian Recipes


SKU: 730792982351

Brand Tsuki
Flavor Pork
Item Form Liquid
Package Information Bottle
Number of Items 1

About this item

  • Prepare exquisite ramen at home! This classic ramen base by Tsuki is an exceptional blend of ingredients that comes together to create a perfectly tasting bowl of ramen. Save time and get the authentic taste of Japanese ramen within minutes with our professional ramen broth.
  • What's our pork ramen base made of? Our ramen seasoning is made of braised pork shank extracts, fermented soy sauce, sesame & vegetable oils, fish and the perfect mix of chili spice, ginger & garlic for a nuanced taste complex. Add a few veggies too and enjoy ramen that tastes like a professional chef-made delicacy!
  • What does our broth base taste like? Our soup base presents a festive blend of briny, sour and spicy with flavorful aromatic notes of umami. Our soup condiment adds an appetizing complex taste to the dish that spans the flavor spectrum and makes your taste buds crave for more!
  • Versatile condiment: Our noodle base is the perfect ingredient for preparing your favorite Asian recipes like hotpots, ramen, soups, chicken & vegetable broths, pho and more! All you need to do is heat the umami broth, dilute it according to preference, add noodles and serve!
  • From the professional ramen master: Our exceptional umami seasoning carries the essence of the perfectly crafted art of ramen-making by Ramen Master, Tsuki. Our ramen broth is a blessing for ramen lovers who do not have the time to prepare the elaborate broth recipe.




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