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Zeytin - Olive Oil Reserve Extra Virgin - Early & Fresh 2022-2023 Harv - Fulfillment Center

Zeytin - Olive Oil Reserve Extra Virgin - Early & Fresh 2022-2023 Harvest - Awarded Brand - Single Estate, 40x More Polyphenol - Cold Pressed Glass Bottle - Vegan, Keto, Robust & Intense - 8.5fl oz


SKU: 753215031818

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressed

Add a zing to your daily recipes with Zeytin’s best extra virgin oil collection! Bake moist pastries, marinate the tastiest meats for the grill, or create more mouth-watering salads. Whichever dish you put it on, you’ll taste the difference in our single-sourced EVOO.

Virgin Olive Oil extra virgin olive oil organic cold-pressed olive oil extra-virgin olive oil

Enhances Flavors

Say goodbye to bland-tasting food! Our olive oil for dipping, baking, and cooking come with a pleasant peppery finish that rounds up the taste of your favorite meals. Not just that, it has a nutty aroma reminiscent of artichoke, green banana, and almonds that blend into everything you cook — making any dish more flavorful than ever!

Olives pure olive oil Food organic extra virgin olive oil cold pressed olive oil olive oils

More Appetizing Menus

Your taste buds will thank you for using our cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil in all your favorite recipes! This flavorful liquid can be consumed raw or mixed with others, from salad dressing to enhancing flavors of soups and meats.

It pairs perfectly with the following:


  • Bitter Green Salads
  • Hearty Soups
  • Stews
  • Cheeses
  • Red meats


extra virgin olive high polyphenol olive oil  Keto




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